Dr Karen Li
Conditions of Entry
  • Make yourself comfortable
  • No need to knock, there are installed CCTV on the property and Karen will know that you have
  • arrived.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Help yourself to water, tea or any sensory tools while in clinic.
  • There is also a toilet available upstairs.
  • Please respect the other residents of this property. The rest of the property is private.


  • CONFIDENTIALITY: Attending counselling in the context of a residential property can create heightened risk for identity exposure to neighbours, community members, the therapist’s family members, the therapist’s personal guests. All documents and clinical files will be locked within the counselling space and will not be accessible by unauthorised persons. Privacy of clients while they are attending counselling will be maintained with utmost caution. The use of a toilet is available with the home of the therapist upon request. However, entering the therapists home for this purpose could expose your identity to the therapist’s family members or guests who may be in the home at the time as well as reveal lifestyle and personal information about the therapist that you did not intend on knowing. If this is a concern, it is encouraged that you inform the therapist of your concern so she can ensure your privacy further or if accommodations cannot be made you may be encouraged to use facilities before or after coming to your counselling session.
  • PRIVATE PROPERTY AND CRISIS: Due to the counselling room being located on private property, coming to the property when not having a scheduled session or without prior notification can be considered trespassing. Please notify the therapist should you desire to come to the property outside of your schedule session. The therapist requests that the address of the office be kept private unless necessary. Should a mental health crisis occur between appointments, you are encouraged to go directly to the nearest hospital’s emergency room or call Lifeline for care. You are not to go to the therapist’s home for emergent care between appointments.
  • CCTV: CCTV has been installed in the private property. It can only be published or communicated if it’s: Played to another person who was part of the conversation. A matter of reasonable public interest. Used to protect the interest of the person who made the recording (you). Used in legal proceedings.
  • CLIENT RIGHTS: If any concerns about the office environment arises, you are encouraged to address these with the therapist so that accommodations could be discussed. If the environment of the home office can not be adjusted or reconciled, at the request of the client the therapist will make a recommendation to a therapist who can provide further counselling services.

By entering the property, I am agreeing that I have read, understood, and agree to the items contained in this document.

Conditions of Entry